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Character Bio's

Name: The Daywalker

Owner: Daywalker

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 205lbs

Race: Half human/vampire

Side: Good

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Black/Short

Weapons: Sword (Backstabber) Silver Spikes, EDTA (used to blow up vampires)

Powers: Superhuman strength, fast healing powers and ability to sense when enemies are near by.

Fatality 1: Throws viles of EDTA into an opponent. He then watches him/her swell up getting bigger and bigger then...BAM! They explode.

Fatality 2: Takes out the Backstabber and uses it to cut up an enemy into small pieces. Tiny like how that guy in the Resident Evil Movie when he got cut up by that laser


The Daywalkera strange name for a vampire it would seem. However, he was not an ordinary vampire. He was born a half-human, half-vampire being, after his mother was bitten by a vampire while he was still in her woum. Unlike his other vampire counterparts, The Daywalker was able to hunt within the light of day as most of their kin could only come out at night. He spent his entire life hunting vampires and killing each one he found. He hated them for what they had turned him into. He hated the thirst for blood. He longed to be rid of this cursed life. Alas the day had come when he had found the one responsible for the attack on his mother, a warrior who called himself Frost. He duelled with this warrior and in the end got the better of him. He had finally gotten revenge for his mother and for his transformation. However...he was still a bloodthirsty vampire. Now a new threat appears before him as Nitara and her people of Vampires threaten the Earth. The Thunder God Raiden comes before Daywalker and asks for his assistance in aiding the Earth. If he does help the Earth warriors in this battle, then Raiden has promised to cure his thirst for blood but also allow him to keep his vampire powers. Daywalker accepts and joins in the fight to save the world from the race of Vampires. If he is successful then he will finally be free from the thirst, and he can live a normal life, as he should have had from the beginning.