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Character Bio's

Name: Khali

Owner: Khali

Race: Vampire

Alliance: Chaotic Good

Clan/group: Special Forces and Lin Kuei. Accepts missions from both.

Gender: male

Height: 6 foot

Weight: 200lbs

Age: Unknown

Physical appearance: Long black hair, goatee, long black leather trench coat, leather vest, black jeans, tribal tattoos covering both arms, red eyes and a mysterious amulet.

Weapons: A demon sword which appears to feed off the blood of the slain enemy, and a set of blades attached to his wrist.


1) He impales the victim with his demon sword which rapidly drains the victim of most of their blood, he then tears out the enemies heart, devours it and drinks the remaining blood from the victims gaping wound.

2) Khali appears to meditate; you then see red eyes appear all around the enemy. Khali's vampire clan then rushes the victim, tearing him apart and devouring the remains.


Khali was once a warrior in Shao Khans army. During Kahn's attempt to take over Earth realm, he was assigned to hunt down and kill any Earth warriors who had escaped Outworld's extermination squads and any that would betray Kahn and assist the Earth realm. During a mission, he stumbled upon an injured female warrior who was fighting alongside Earth's warriors. For some strange reason, he immediately fell in love with this warrior, During their long trek back to the temple of the Elder Gods, she revealed that she was a vampire warrior from one of the realms Kahn had previously conquered. As they approached the temple, they are suddenly surrounded my Kahns minions. Khali held them off long enough for the female warrior to hide, but in the battle, he was mortally wounded. After the last of Kahns soldiers is killed she comes out of hiding and cradles Khali's dying body. She offers him the chance to join her and destroy Kahn, but at the price of his humanity. He accepts and she then turns him into a vampire. During the years after that battle, they are married and continue to battle against Kahn. During a vicious battle, Khali's wife was killed. He vowed from that day forward that he would not rest until he had his vengeance against Kahn and every last Outworld warrior.