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Phantom Nindz
Character Bio's

Name: Phantom-Nindz

Age: 1000

Sex: Male

Height: 5"10

Weight: 175 lbs.

Race: Spectre (Half-Human Half-Ghost)

Group: Ninja

Clan: Ashikaga

Side: Neutral

Eyes: Pure White

Hair: Short spiky black hair

Costume: MKDA Scorpion, without arm guards, less baggier trousers, more like second costume trousers.

Tattoos: of a Scorpion on the left forearm.

Ninja mask like rikimaru's in tenchu, hair visible

Weapons: Dual-Poison ninja-swords


1.) Invisibility

2.) Harpoon (like Scorpion's)

3.) Mind-Browser (The ability to read an enemy's mind and anticipate an attack before it happens.

4.) Super roundhouse kick (like Sub Zero/Scorpions roundhouse kick in mk1 but more damaging and capable of killing the weak)

Fatality one: Dim Mak (Death touch that can occur anytime, it seems like a normal finger touch but is very deadly)

Fatality two: Dual poison blades (using my weapons I kill enemies by slitting their throats with both blades)


Nindzs past has been spent working an assassin in the form of a contract killer. Unbelievably close allies with Khali and even more so unbelievable with Petros Yanden. Phantom-Nindz likes things exactly the way they are and is like a neutral factor stopping any side from getting the upper hand. However he is very loyal to his allies and if needed, he will risk his own life to aid one of them. As time progresses, Phantom-Nindz only gets stronger, faster and deadlier. Many fear him though they mostly fear his name. His past is known by two people, Petros Yanden and Khali. What role he will play in the battles ahead is unknown. One thing is known though throughout the lands, Phantom-Nindz is one to be taken very seriously. Those who would do his will would be wise, and those who wont do his will, shall end up in pieces. He may seem a strange warrior, though all agree that he a strange warrior that is needed on the forces of Edinia. Past worked as an assassin, contract killing. Close allies with Petros Yanden and Khali. The Phantom-Nindz likes things just the way they are and is like a neutral factor stopping any side from getting the upper hand. He is loyal to his allies and should they need his help, he will put his life on the line to help them. As time progresses, the Phantom-Nindz becomes more deadlier, stronger, faster, many fear him and some even fear his name alone.