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Character Bio's

Name: Nemesi

Owner: tgrant

Age: Eternal (unknown if he is immortal)

Sex: Male

Weight: Unknown (slim- slight build)

Race: God/Human

Family: Father Raiden

Mother - Unknown

Group: N/A

Clan: N/A

Side: Good

Eyes: None. Electrical. Change colour dependent on mood. Occasionally flare.

Hair: Short, black and spiky. Electricity runs through it (up and down the

spikes too), making the hair stand on end. Because of his charged hair, he can use himself as a lightning rod when he is weak. The lightning bolt will give him extra strength and power, whilst also rejuvenating his health. (He can also

change his hairstyle at will because of he charged nature.)

Look: Wears a long dark blue trench coat that is tied around the waist. Wears

black gloves that have a lightning bolt on the palm. Wears a necklace, made of silver that his father gave to him. It is shaped like a lightning bolt and has

some very special powers.

Weapons and styles: Is skilled with many earthly weapons, due to his long time on Earth. He has more skill with most weapons than those who use them expertly on Earth. Due to his godly nature, he can wield any unknown weapon expertly too. However, his weapon of choice is the Staff. Unlike his father however, his staff is made from pure electrical energy. Although it is in a solid unmoving state, which he can manipulate at will. (Behaves just like a normal staff. If he thrust it through someone he would then have it return to its normal energy state, meaning the electrical energy is released in that persons body, killing them instantly.) When struck, the enemy is shocked slightly, even when they block an attack, allowing him to take advantage and attack once again. (Also allows for extra damage when hits actually connect.)

No one else can wield this weapon. (Except his father!)

Nemesi is trained in many styles. He has learnt Mantis, Shaolin Fist, Crane,

Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Ninjitsu, to name a few. His vast expertise in styles and weaponry make him a force to be reckoned with. Has trained with his father, who taught him Nan Chuan and Jujutsu. He has trained for many years in these styles among others. He is unpredictable in Kombat, for the enemy will never know what he will unleash.

Powers: Wields the wrath of thunder and lightning just like his father. Has

enhanced telekinetic and psychic abilities. (He does not use cheesy arm

movements when using his telekinetic abilities. He will just stand there and

move things with his mind. Looks almost expressionless.) These psychic abilities are enhanced due to his mix of human and godly intelligence. Due to the mix of his powers, styles and expertise in weaponry, he is extremely formidable in battle. He mixes all of these in battle, proving to be extremely formidable in battle.

Special Moves:

Disable (1) - Disables opponents special attacks temporarily.

Disable (2) Disables opponent completely. They are unable to move. Allows for a free attack.

Confusion Uses his psychic powers to make the opponent confused. They attack other adversaries or themselves.

Torpedo - Same as Raidens.

Lightning Blast Standard electrical projectile.

Lightning Strike Summons a bolt of lightning to strike the enemy.

Psyonic Jolt Induces the enemy with a headache using telekinesis to transfer electricity into their head.

Thunder Wave Throws a spark of electricity on the ground. It splits in

thousands of different beams that seek the opponent. They will seek the

opponent, even if jumped.

Staff Can control his staff using his mind. Prefers to ride (surf) on top of

It and shoot projectiles at the opponent as well as throwing random objects from around the arena at them. (Can have a small number of weapons simultaneously attack the enemy).

Fatality 1: Telekinetic Rip.

Levitates the enemy in the air. He begins to concentrate on their body. The

opponents arms stretch out. They become rigid and they scream in pain. After a few seconds, their arms fly off, flying across the arena. After more screaming, their head and torso split down the centre. Their body pieces drop to the floor in a pool of blood.

Fatality 2: Impalement Electrocution.

Rams his lightning staff into the opponent (as explained before). The staff

glows and then it disappears as it takes its true form, as pure electrical

energy. A wave of electricity is seen spread across the opponent as they

explode. Their few tiny remains are scattered around the arena.



Nemesi has kept himself as a recluse for centuries, training in many martial arts forces and honing his powers and skills. He has been fuelled by his anger towards the Elder Gods, those he believed him to be an outcast, because he is part human. Those who believe that he will never amount to anything great. Those who believe he can never live up to his father. He has ignored his fathers wishes to help him aid the Earth warriors against the forces of Outworld, despite the fact that he knows how important the situation is. Now Nemesi abandons his training. He chooses now to fight alongside the Earth warriors and his father. He will attain revenge for his father by destroying the bane of his existence Shao Khan. He will make himself known as one of the great warriors of Earth realm and he will show the Elder Gods that he is no mere mortal. He has his own stand to make towards the eyes of the Elder Gods and he will make this stand and show them that he is more than the mere mortal they claim him to be. He hopes that one-day he will join his father in the Pantheon and become a god such as he. Though he has gained the respect from his father, Nemesi wishes for respect from the Elder Gods. Only time will show if he will receive his long life dream. To be seen and respected as a god by the Elder Gods.