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Petros Yanden
Character Bio's

Name: Petros Yanden

Owner: Yanden

Age: 220

Sex: Male

Height: 5"9

Weight: 170lb

Race: Reptilian

Group: Ninja

Suit: Ninja suit, Greyish black. Hooded and masked.

Clan: Shadowstalker

Side: Neutral

Eyes: Orangery Brown

Hair: Pitch Black extending down past shoulders

Weapons: Double Handed Sword of Light, Titanium Daggers

Powers: Forceball, Fireball, Mind Break (Twists the thoughts of opponent), Shadow (hehehe have to wait and see) No one else can have shadow ability.

Fatality one: Lifts sword above head with tip pointing towards opponent. Great white light appears at the tip while chanting and flares off towards the opponent hitting him/her in the stomach and making them explode.

Fatality two: Becomes like mist and engulfs the opponent entering the body through mouth, ears, nose and eats the opponent from inside out leaving a bloodied skeleton lying on the ground.


Emerged from the depths of Zattera, Yanden's past remains unknown to anyone. His presence and future within the world is unknown. He binds in the shadows becoming invisible to all. In addition, he hears and knows all the happenings in all the realms. His true nature is not known though he would have had a fierce reputation if he left any survivors. His mood changes more often than the wind and none can tell what he feels or thinks. Many consider him an ally, but they are not allies as much as a butchers knife is his ally. Many take him as an enemy; all beings are his enemy in time. Others take him as one to help, he does not help unless there is need and the cause is a righteous one. His nature and behaviour makes all wonder what side he is truly on, though caring and protector, he is also a fierce warrior who has devoured all who have crossed him. He is a loner. He has lived alone after a great pain and has not tried to show himself. He cares not for friendship any longer, or so it seems. All that is known of this elusive warrior is that he once served a master feared throughout the lands but long lost and forgotten. He who comes from a nameless source. Shadowstalker, neither serves light nor shadow. However, one thing everyone agrees on. This elusive warrior is one whom will play a great part in the ending of all ends. As it is believed. But will it be so???
It is also known that he is hunting for the one who caused him this pain. Hunting and waiting for the time to strike and avenge the deaths of those he lost. However, never has one heard whom he had lost. Though all fear the day that the two shall meet. Yanden is not one to be taken so lightly. His love for all things is extraordinarily big, though his hatred and malice towards those who serve the dark and he who caused him this pain is even larger.



This is Petros Yanden in later years when he shows his true form.

Picture drawn by my great friend, IllegalMonkey.