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Shantielmo el'Shiana
Character Bio's

Name: Shantielmo el'Shiana

Owner: Yanden

Age: 217

Sex: Male

Height: 61

Weight: 190lb

Race: Edinian

Group: Shadow (Dark Cloaked.)

Clan: Shadowstalker

Side: Neutral

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Pitch Black extending down past shoulders

Weapons: Double Handed Sword of Light, Titanium Daggers

Powers: Forceball, Fireball, Mind Break (Twists the thoughts of opponent), Shadow (hehehe have to wait and see) No one else can have shadow ability.

Fatality one: Becomes like mist entering the body of his opponent. The opponent then begins to lose blood from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth until he/she collapses on the ground in pieces and Shantielmo re-emerges over the body.


Born on the realm of Edinia in the age of the ages, Shantielmo sold his soul to Shadowstalker in order to become immortal. The clan had been long feared by both light and shadow in those ages until it decided to lay hidden. Now centuries later the clan has been forgotten. Shantielmo was once a student alongside Yanden learning from their master Shadowstalker.
When Yanden decided to leave the clan to return to his home world of Zattera, Shadowstalker was not pleased. All who served Shadowstalker pledged an alliance not easily broken, and Yanden was the first to do so. Shantielmo was later sent out to find Yanden and bring him back to their master alive at all costs. The Elder Gods have no power over Shadowstalker or his servants. He is a wild card for both forces. Yet claims to not serve neither light nor dark, Shantielmo is also one who would save lives if needed. The fact that this clan has laid hidden for so long will end up working to their advantage. Long ago it is said Shantielmo and Yanden fought alongside Raiden to end an old evil. They fought in the heart of Kuatan against the dark lord of old. Time will tell what part Shantielmo will play in his life.