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Randy cotton Candy
Character Bio's

Name: RANDYcottonCANDY

Owner: RandyCandy

Age: ?

Sex: M

Height: 11'

Weight: 275lbs

Race: Jester

Eyes: Neon

Hair: 5' Rainbow spikes

Clan: CoC

Side: Neutral

Weapons: Squirting flower of doom, attacking balloon animals, pies

Powers: Smelly sock swing, magic tricks, silly little back flips,

Fatality one: Green and purple polka-dotted clown car rolls by, 12 clowns jump out and eat your face.

Fatality two: All defeated foes of RandyCandy transform into clowns under Randy's rule...beware the army of clowns.


RandyCandy led a normal circus life in the Outworld. Being a master of juggling, stilt walking, unicycle, tumbling, and many other various circus arts; Randy broke away from the circus and combined his circus skills into a new form of combat. RandyCandy is available for all parties. He has performed in Shao Kahn's palace many times as an example. Having freelanced for many people, Randy has defeated many foes, hence his army of clowns is ever growing, and soon to be undefeatable. So he believes. The future a mere mystery for this character. It is not known which side he will take. Only time will show, only time.