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Nova Starr
Character Bio's

Name: Nova Starr

Owner: Novarstarr

Age: 19

Hair: Shoulder length, straight, black (ends slightly curled under)

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 128lbs.

Race: Human

Ethnicity: African

Side: Good

Species: Human

Group: Member of the Defender's of the Realm Earth Defence Team (hope you don't mind me adding one but it's in the cartoon so it's legit)

Weapon: Retractable (sort of like Jade's but doesn't glow and I don't think her's is retractable).


Nova Starr is an inter-dimensional traveller. She discovered her ability of teleportation naturally when she was a pre-teen, and continues to teleport to random dimensions. She follows an unspoken code for teleporting and is highly aware of the presence of higher beings, although she has yet to meet a one in person. She fight alongside the Earth warriors following the style of her heart, which matches no set martial arts style known to Earth. She fights bravely and courageously and is often underestimated. However, no more than a few moves that she makes to get her opponent to think twice of if it would be wise to fight with her. She is truly a great asset in the forces of the Earth realm.