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Character Bio's

Name: Xephron

Owner: Neo-reptile

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Height: Can make himself taller at will

Weight: Can make himself big or small at will

Race: Alien

Group: Doesnt remember

Clan: Doesnt remember

Side: Neutral

Eyes: Dark greenish-bluish

Hair: None

Weapons: Can change hands into anything

Powers: Can make himself bigger or smaller, can change into anything he wants, can make hands into anything he wants

Fatality one: He turns into liquid then goes into the enemies body then still inside the enemies body he makes himself turn big blowing the enemy up

Fatality two: Xephron turns into Michael Jackson and scares the living hell out of his enemy


Crash landed on planet Earth and couldnt remember anything when he woke up. No one knows where he is from or what his purpose is. His main objective is to find out who he is and where he came from. He cares not for others affairs except for finding out who he truly is. He may be a great asset to the Earth warriors but also could turn out to be a great asset for darkness. Time will tell where this warrior will choose to fight by.