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Character Bio's



Race: Human

Side: Neutral

Sect: Ninja

Colour of suit: Black & Blue

Powers: Teleportation, ability to make a clone that kicks your ass at the same time, mace that shoots some sort of projectile


Fatality one: The clone holds you while I hit and destroy different parts of your body

Fatality two: He teleports the mace inside your body and you sort of puke it out (with internal organs attached).

Height: 6'2",

Weight: 210 lbs.,

Hair: black hair,

Eyes: black eyes


MKSecrets is a loner. He works for whoever pays him the highest price, and cares not for the worthiness of the job. However he does hold grudges of his own and it is said that this hard to judge character could play a vital role in battling against invaders. However, none hurry to accept that saying. None know his true thoughts and feelings, and it is often said it is better to pay him and be rid of him as quickly as possible rather then to try to cut off from the deal. None have lived after not paying him in full. He has his values though also his bad points. He carries some unusual powers from what is known. A sort of clone magic that creates an exact clone of him that helps him defeat his opponents or throw them off guard while he continues with his work.