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Cpl. Robert Davis
Character Bio's

Name: Cpl. Robert Davis

Owner: MarineWarrior

Age: 25

Sex: M

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 240 lbs.

Race: Caucasian (Human)

Group: U.S.M.C, Outworld Investigation Agency

Clan: 2nd L.A.R Battalion

Side: Chaotic Good

Eyes: Blue (Has a scar running down the length of his face on the right side. Received from battle with the group of Nomads lead by Baraka.)

Hair: Military Cut, Brownish-Blonde

Weapons: Ka-Bar fighting knife, M-16 A2, M-9 service pistol, Desert Eagle, M-240G

Powers: Enhanced strength and agility, slight psychic ability,

Fatality one: Takes the Ka-Bar and slashes the opponents throat. From there, he puts two rounds from the Desert Eagle in the head and one in the chest

Fatality two: Takes his 240G and fires it into his opponent with high impact rounds.


Robert was serving in the LAR Battalion when he received special orders to join Maj. Jackson Briggs on a mission. He was to help Maj. Briggs rescue his team member and friend, Sonya Blade. As they entered the portal, they were attacked by a group of Nomads lead by the mutant known as Baraka; it was there that he was separated from Maj. Briggs. He was later seen at the tournament which Shao Kahn took control. He made it in time to see the final battle between the Emperor and the chosen warrior. He also saw his commanding officer chasing the Black Dragon thug known as Kano towards a portal. Kano made it seconds before the portal closed. After their return to Earthrealm, Cpl. Davis was sent back to his unit in the Marine Corps where he stayed until the emperor made his return when he tried to merge the two realms. Cpl. Davis barely escaped with his life as Shao Kahn's Extermination Squads destroyed the base he was on. With a platoon size group of Marines, he waged war against the extermination squads by conducting nighttime raids and attacking when and where he could. During one raid, his group was ambushed and Cpl. Davis was severely injured. Raiden, seeing the courage Cpl. Davis possessed, healed him and invited him to join the Earthrealm warriors in the battle for the realms. He accepted and that is where he is today. With the news of Quan Chi's and Shang Tsung's alliance, Cpl. Davis seeks his mentors and partners, Jax and Sonya, for training and guidance. "This time they won't catch me off guard" he promises to himself.