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The Official Mortal Kombat Story Website.
Character Bio's

Name: Mime

Owner: Louis Typo

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 178

Race: Unknown

Group: Unknown

Clan: Unknown

Side: Good

Eyes: brown

Hair: Down to shoulders, Black, parted in middle

Weapons: Katana (ninja style)

Powers: Can manipulate others easily. And can harness lots of energy from any source.


Mime the undisclosed, as he is known. His past a mystery beyond words. All that is known is that he came to Earth via a portal from another world. It is not known neither from which world he came from nor which side he is aligned with. However, it is known that deep within his soul there is a fire that burns with much hatred though, for what? To rule all realms? From a past suffering? Or a betrayal? He is the only one who knows his true thoughts and feelings and remains a wild card for both light and shadow.