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Character Bio's

Name: Sandros

Owner: Limpjamin

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Height: 5"5

Weight: 160lb

Race: Human

Group: Ninja

Clan: Dark Marauders

Side: Neutral

Looks: Asian - Dark Brown Eyes / Short Black Hair

Costume: A hat like Raiden's, a black short sleeve shirt, black pants, underneath a maroon vest. Black fingerless gloves and a maroon facemask. Weapons: Hook swords

Powers: Sandros can create a blue aura around him or a certain part of his body, which makes him stronger and faster.

Fatality one: Sandros is standing behind the opponent. He takes out one of his hook swords. He knocks the opponent on to their knees. He puts the curved part of the sword around their neck, then he grabs their hair in one and with the other, he moves the blade away from their neck, with a quick swipe, he pulls the blade back towards the opponent and they are decapitated. The headless body then falls over.

Fatality two: Sandros stands behind the opponent and breaks their neck. He then picks up the body with one hand. The other hand glows with the blue aura. He holds the body up and bashes the aura-covered hand through the torso of the lifeless body.


Sandros is known as the leader of the Dark Marauders, a pirate group who travel across the Outworld seas raiding and pillaging villagers. He is an honourable warrior who thinks of his clan as much for as himself. He is skilled in Ninjitsu and is a very lethal opponent. Though he is considered a nuisance to cities, it is not known which side he will choose to take. He knows very well that even he will suffer if Shao Kahn succeeds in conquering the realms yet cares not at this stage for anything other than getting rich out of pillaging.