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Character Bio's

Name: Rinka-Yi-Shou

Owner: Yellow_Ranger

ALIAS: Scarlet

Height: 5'8

Weight: 124 lbs.

Hair Colour: Dark Auburn

Eye Colour: Hazel

Markings: a scar over her left eyebrow.

Side: Chaotic Evil

Race: Human

Clan: Red Dragon/Ninja Spy

Fatality one: Shallow Cuts: She takes out her daggers and starts to make shallow cuts, when the person moves a certain body falls off.


Rinka grew up in the streets if Hong Kong. Scrounging for food. When she was captured by Sonya's team of soldiers, by trying to steal from them, she was held captive. On the eve when Kano killed Sonya's partner, Rinka escaped only to run into the likes of Mavado and Kano. Mavado and Kano soon taught Rinka how to use her exotic look and aggression, and to harness it to be a lethal assassin to be used to their advantage. During an attack by the Hong Kong police, Rinka's trainer in martial arts, a Black Dragon ninja name Zen-Fu, was killed and she was baptised in his blood. After that fateful battle, the Black Dragon was split in two, Rinka a.k.a Scarlet Shadow, chose the side of her lover....Mavado. She is a wild card and a great asset to the forces of Evil.