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Jin'do Rai
Character Bio's

Name: Jin'do Rai

Owner: Hyuga

Side: Good side.

Age: 77 Mortal

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Height: 5"3

Weight: 130lbs

Hair: Black, midway down back in sort of ponytail.

Eyes: Brown

Birth: Earth, China. 1432

Parents: Not remember

Sect: Undead.

Clan: None


Memory of his past remains shrouded in mystery. All that this warrior is able to remember of his past is that he was a famous swordsman. Having died many ages ago, he was brought back by Hyuga the Elder God of Fire, to battle in the next Mortal Kombat tournament. When he reaches Outworld to fight within the tournament. Jindo Rai notices that there is another warrior hunting him. Not knowing why he is been hunted and what he could have possibly done, he faces the fact of having to help defeat the dark lord of Outworld and watch his own back from this elusive hunter. Before he was brought back by the Elder God of Fire, it is known that Jin'do Rai was born on the Earth realm, in Shanghai, China in the year 1432. He belonged to no clan and it is said that the mastery of the sword came from within. Many said he was the re-incarnation of man and sword as one. Only one other as it is known in todays times has the same outlook as Jin'do Rai. And that is the warrior known as Yanden. It had come to Jin'do Rai's mind that Yanden could infact be the hunter who was hunting him. Though he had to wait and see if this was the case.