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Character Bio's

Name: Ghaleon

Owner: Ghaleon

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Height: 5'9

Weight: 234

Race: Human (ninja if this is where it belongs)

Group: None

Clan: None

Side: Good

Eyes: Brown

Fatality: Fates edge- Ghaleon grips his opponents face with his hand and lets the energy within him surge into his opponent as it burns away the opponents skin and leaves nothing but a burnt corpse


Ghaleon the mere name strikes wonder in all whom hear it, though very few have become somewhat trustworthy in his eyes. He is an outcast...a wonderer who roams the vast plains of all the realms, who has travelled over seas great and wide, who has crossed mountains higher then the clouds, ever in search of some type of hope and meaning. Though long ago in ages long forgotten and long dead, a vow spoken from his tongue, so powerful that no vow such as that had ever been spoken before and shall never be spoken again. In the name of the Elder Gods, let it be known that if another should utter such a vow that his soul should be stricken from him and his existence undone. A vow to bring an end to suffering caused by a mysterious past. Not even the Elder Gods can see what part he is to play in the future battles. He truly is a mysterious warrior, one whom will be watched often. Especially by Raiden. It is also known that once long ago he had crossed paths with Yanden the light mage. It is said that they formed some type of bizarre friendship. However, it is still unknown what his future has in store for him. Only time will tell if he is to play a vital part in Earths survival or its complete and utter destruction.