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Jal Kendal
Character Bio's

Name: Jal Kendal

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Height: 6'0

Weight: 170

Race: Mystical Being / Human appearance

Group: None

Clan: Former Lin Kuei

Side: Neutral

Eyes: Icy Blue

Hair: Shoulder length jet-black hair that is put in a pony tail

Weapons: Throwing knives and Dragon Head Katana

Powers: The ability to manipulate energy and deadly accuracy

Fatality one: He pins their arms and legs against the wall with throwing knives and then he creates an energy wave that burns their skin off on contact

Fatality two: He slices there throat with the Katana and then makes a clean cut down there abdomen exposing their insides


A former member of the Lin Kuei clan, Jal Kendal was through into exile by his clan for betraying them. He began to wonder around the plains of the realms in search of something. He seems to be neutral throughout the invasions into Earth. Raiden for one is hoping he might join them in their quest to destroy evil. Will he join them? None know the reason of why he was exiled and none know his purpose or what he wishes to achieve. He might long for revenge or power. However, he is one soul Raiden will try to get on the side of good. Only time will tell which side this warrior will truly align himself with.