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Death toll
Character Bio's

Name: Death toll
Owner: Notamod
Age: Immortal
Race: Demon
DOB: was never born
Hair colour is bald: Has a Black thing on his head like SHang tsung in MK2
Eye color: RED
Body skin color: Black
Side: Chaotic EVIL
Clothes: black vest like a bullet proof vest almost.
Black pants BLack shoes
Misson: To gather up all of satans children,Then take over the earth and the Heavens.And become the King of hell.
Height: 70
Group: Hells Deminons.
Owns: The 7th Level of hell.and A necklace he stole From jsesu that he wheres around his neck.


Death Toll was one of the three angels that followed Satan into hell after the Creator had cast him from the heavens. He is one of two still living. His brother is Satan. He is bound to a group called Hells Dominons and owns the seventh level of hell and a necklace he stole from jsesu that he wears around his neck. He is secretly planning to get his brother to help him defeat the Heavens in the final battle and then kill his brother so that he can rule the universe and become the supreme Lord of all. Been a demon he has many powers. One of which is the Mind Burst. Mind Burst is a power that he uses to taunt the thoughts of the peoples and throws their judgement off. He also throws flames through his palms and breathes molten hot fire from his mouth to scorch the Earth on fire. He wields telekinetic powers also. And one, that many misjudge. He has the power to transform anything into whatever he sees fit. Like transforming a flower or a rock into a demon like figure. He lays hidden within time until he sees the time for him to show himself and wreak havoc upon all the realms including the Heavens.