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Cold Fire / William Ferrara
Character Bio's

Name: Cold Fire / Real Name: William Ferrara

Owner: BloodyEyes

Gender: Male


Weight: as tall and muscled as scorpion

Side: Good

Group: Order of light

Race: Human

Weapon: Two swords, one on fire and a frozen one

Special powers:

Ice ground: He punches the floor and freezes the enemies legs

Fireball: launches a ball to the enemy

burning ice: he freezes the opponent legs and casts a fire meteorite over the opponent.


1: Throws a fireball to the opponents mouth, then the opponent starts to melt until he turns to a pile of skin.

2- Opens his hand and puts it on the opponents face, until the opponent is totally frozen, then he jumps and when he lands, the opponent crashes into a million pieces.

Description: He has big foots and hands like in Street Fighter Alpha anime.
His body his half fire and half ice.

Fire Half: (right side): The right half of the body is on fire, and the eye is red, and does not have any hair, just flames his hand is a fireball.

Ice Half (left one): The left half is frozen, the eye is blue and that part of the head has icy smoke (like frost) his hand is a block of sharp ice.

Scars: he has a huge scar. The scar is the division of the two elements. The scar starts is located in the middle of his body.


Cold Fire was once called William Ferrara and he was a treasure hunter. One day a person told him that he had a map with a localisation of a treasure in the Alaska Mountains. William prepared himself and went there to find the treasure. He climbed the biggest mountain, and when he was reaching the top, he saw the man that gave him the map, on a helicopter. The man laughed and pushed a button as the helicopter took off. A bomb exploded and a huge avalanche started and William didnt have the time to escape. He was buried in that pile of snow for three years. One day a monk from The Order of Light, who travelled through that mountain, saw in the distance fire rising from the snow. As he went closer to look he realised someone was trapped inside the snow. He digged down with his bare hands and found William. William was now a half-fire, half-ice being, and to be grateful to the monk he joined the temple of The Order of Light.