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The Official Mortal Kombat Story Website.
Character Bio's

Name: Bass

Owner: bbass

Gender: Male

Height: 5f11

Weight: 250pounds

Side: Neutral will fight anybody

Group: All by himself

Race: Human

Weapon: Butterfly Knifes (5)


1- Slowly slide behind his opponent, Take out two Knifes, crosses them on his opponent throat and slice it very very slowly while talking to himself.

2- Make the opponent falls on his knees, takes out a knife and stab him right through his cranium. Then kick his opponent on the chest to make him fall back while talking to himself.

Appearance: Looks very normal on the outside, no very special clothing, got two scars on the back of his head. He is bald and has sideburns. He is always carrying a book with drawings and vital information in it, and on the last page of that book it is written: Who are you, I'm the only one who knows it...


Not a lot is known about bass. Only that he was once spotted in a mental institute, but he found a way to escape without leaving any trace behind. It is believed he has many personalities, too many thoughts yet too little time. He will easily fight and kill any that would stand in his way. He is trying to find the one who is controlling his mind. He can be good yet he can also be bad. He strains to control himself though cannot. He is been controlled by another being and is made to do things, which he does not like. That is why he often talks to himself while killing someone. Believed that he is trying to fight back though hopelessly failing to do so. When he is able to control his mind he has only one thought running through it. To find the one who controls it and kill him. To be rid of this cursed way of life.