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Character Bio's

Name: Alucard

Owner: Alucard

Side: Good

Race: Human

Group: The Order of Light (Need to specify three powers and two fatalities)

Power 1: summoning of good spirits/ghosts/souls to command in battle.

Power 2: ability to control the mind of the opponent, therefore controlling his moves.

Power 3: healing power.

Fatality1: opening the portal to hell

Fatality2: absorbing the souls of evil (with his staff)


Alucard is known to be a member of The Order of Light. He is good hearted and knows a lot of the past for he is immortal. He wields a magical staff, which he uses to fight against evil. He can only fight against evil due to the bounds of his power, and only wishes to fight against evil. With one glance, he is able to tell if the person is good or evil. He is seen as a blessing in the skies to the peoples of the realms though he is also considered sometimes to be a nuisance for he quickly kills an evil person before they can find out information. He says there is no place in any realm for those who would defy the Order of Light or the Elder Gods. In addition, he believes to be the one who judges their actions. Otherwise he is a brave and an honourable warrior and a great asset to the forces of Light.